S&P Components Traded Near 52 Weeks High Level – PFE, USB, LLY, JNJ, MAT

  on Jul 18,2012 Posted in Finance ,Investment Ideas
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The 52-Week High and 52-Week Low prices are the highest and lowest prices that a stock has during the previous year. Numerous traders and investors consider the 52-week high or low as a key factor in determining a company’s current value and anticipate future price movement.

A famous strategy used by stock investors is to purchase when price exceeds its 52-week high, or to sell when price tumbles below its 52-week low.

In this article we will provide precious information to our valued readers about S&P companies traded near new high and low levels.

Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE), research-based, global biopharmaceutical company, has the market capitalization of 176.87 billion while 7.49 billion shares are outstanding.  The company offered -6.65% EPS in previous five years. The company has price to earnings ratio of 22.28 while Beta factor was 0.69. Shares of the company traded within the range of $16.63-$23.73 during last 52 weeks. Shares have touched yearly high level on Tuesday’s trading session.

U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB) has market capitalization of 62.41 billion. The company annual dividend yield is 2.37%. USB past five year EPS is -1.19%. Net profit margin for the company is 26.25% while operating profit margin is 36.63%. Shares of the company traded within the range of $20.10-$33.26 and most recently touched its yearly high level.

Eli Lilly & Co’s (NYSE:LLY) stock traded within the range of $33.75-$44.27 in previous 52 weeks, Shares of the company traded between $43.80-$44.27 in Tuesday trading session. The company has the market capitalization of 51.01 billion while its EPS is 3.86. Beta factor for the company is 0.66 while 1.16% shares of the company were outstanding.

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) was also among companies traded near yearly high level, shares of the company traded in the range of $59.08-$69.18. The company has market capitalization of 189.50 billion. Beta value for the stock was 0.54% while 65% shares of the company were owned by institutional investors. The company offered Net profit margin of 15.55% while its gross profit margin was 68.60%.

Mattel, Inc (NASDAQ:MAT) has the market capitalization of 11.60 billion. World’s biggest toy maker has P/E ratio of 15.68 while its PEG ratio is 1.85. The company offered 29.12% return on equity (ROE) while its return on investment (ROI) is 18.20%. Shares of the company traded within $33.19-$34.59 and yearly high level was $34.62.

In conclusion we can say that all these S&P components traded near yearly high level and this article provide useful information to those investors who consider 52 Weeks high level to determine the market value of the stock.




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