Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) restricted access to anti-Islamic movie clips in Malaysia and some other countries


Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has started to block an anti-Islamic movie in Malaysia following an official complaint lodged by the country’s Internet regulator. The movie made against Islam has badly hurt the emotions of Muslims across the globe. The...  [...]

5 Large-Cap Stocks With Attractive Payout Ratios In The Consumer Goods Sector – (KFT, GIS, MO, PG, KO)


Currently, the average dividend paying stock on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index yields around 2%. In the Asian market, the average dividend is near 3%. The past average payout ratio, the amount left over from net income after paying a dividend,...  [...] (AMZN) Opens Digital Media Center in London For Entertainment Content Development

AMZN (NASDAQ:AMZN), whose strategy is partly focused on digital entertainment, announced this week the opening of its new digital media development center in London. Employees of its London-based subsidiaries Pushbutton and LOVEFiLM will move to...  [...]

The Number of Mobile Phones Will Soon Exceed the Number of Humans


On Tuesday, the World Bank published a report which estimates that three quarters of the world population (or about 5.5 billion people) are equipped with mobile phones. The number of worldwide subscriptions to mobile phones, packaged or prepaid, rose...  [...]

Google Inc (GOOG) Introduces Free SMS Service For African Countries


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has announced a free Google SMS service that will allow users from some African countries to send and receive text messages without an Internet connection. For now, this service is only available to users from Ghana, Nigeria and...  [...]

Google Inc (GOOG) Adds Antarctica to Its Growing List of Street View Destinations


The expeditions of the early twentieth century were trying to reach the Antarctic continent’s central point through effort, determination and hardship, on the contrary to the experience offered by Google Street View. As part of its World Wonders...  [...]

DNSChanger Malware, Is The Threat Finally Over?

DNS Changer Virus

DNSChanger malware has lately been the hottest issue discussed in media and on technology forums all over the world. As usual, the mainstream media has misinformed the worldwide users by placing the emphasis on perhaps the least important aspects of this...  [...]

Air Show 2012, Big Demand From the Middle East and Asia


Top weapons industry executives said at the 2012 Air Show, despite the tight Military budgets in the United States and Europe , that there is still a growing demand trend seen in the Middle East, Asia and other regions for new helicopters, fighter jets,...  [...]

Spain To Get an Extra Year to Achieve Budget Goal


European Union finance ministers are set to meet and decide about the grant package for Spain to extend the timetable until 2014 for them to reach a deficit target of 3 percent of GDP. One of the Diplomats said that Spain’s budget consolidation...  [...]

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPad Mini’s production shifted to South America

aaple -aapl

As far the release of Apple iPad Mini is concerned, there is no shortage of rumors. This time a Japanese blog site Macotakara has made the claims that the new tablet device will be built in Brazil at Foxconn’s new productions facility there. They also...  [...]