Apple’s Inc. (AAPL) Refuses The Presence of Drone Attack Tracker App in App Store.

 By: on Sep 04,2012 Posted in Business News ,Finance
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Apple’s Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) app store has eliminated an app which permits users to record US military drone strikes for questionable content.

Following the British newspaper, The Guardian, publishing an interactive map of American drone strikes which located the sites in Pakistan where missiles from unidentified flying vehicles hit alleged terrorist sites, New York University student Josh Begley used the data to create an iPhone app.

Begley’s app, named Drone+, was devoted entirely to tracking drone hits. Each time a drone strike takes place, an alert was given to the user, and the site of the hit could be tracked using an interactive map.

In the initial instance, Apple (AAPL) discarded the app for being “not useful”. Begley then included the drone alert feature, and it was eliminated for the second time because of Google’s logo situated on the map. The app was discarded for the third time for being objectionable and crude.

The 27-year-old interactive communications student showed his disappointment that an application designed to collect news reports could be believed offensive

I did not really predict anyone downloading the app if it was in the App Store, according to Begley. That was the reason that I do not think people want to know when a drone hits.

He is thinking of going to work on a version of Drones+ for smartphones supported by Google-operated Android software.
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Shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares edged up on the final trading session. Market is closed on Monday.



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    I have a 32GB IPod touch. For the most part it’s great but how do I watch videos that require a flash player?

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