Apple Might Boot Intel And Move To ARM Chips On Macs

  on Nov 07,2012 Posted in Technology
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A while back, a rumor surged about Apple wanting to ditch Intel chips in its Mac line. The rumor did the usual rounds and died shortly until now. News that Apple might give Intel chipsets the boot in favor of its own ARM chips are circulating once again. Apple is currenlt using its own ARM chips in its mobile devices and they’ve been working really well. Apple last switched chips in 2005 when it abondoned PowerPCs in favor of the Intel chips.

According to the source, we won’t be seeing ARM chips on Macs soon. In fact, it might be a few years before that actually happens but it seems to be in the coming nevertheless. Although they are just rumors, there appears to be sound logic behind them. Apple has been successful on the tablet and mobile front using its own chips. It is highly plausible that Apple could manufacture a more powerful chipset to furnish its Macs. The uniformity of chips across multiple devices will obviously open quite a few doors for bringing desktop and mobile platforms together.

What this means is that Apple will indeed have its work cut out for itself. The company, although capable, will spend considerable time and resources developing the chips. On the other hand Intel already has the expertise to manufacture chips for desktops and will be  force to reckon with, should it produce something better than Apple and market it to its competitors. As far as the performance of the chips are concerned, Intel chips have an edge over ARM chips when it comes to desktops.




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