7 Stocks Set To Go Ex-Dividend On August 17, 2012

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Do you know the ex-dividend date of a stock is perhaps one of the most confusing concepts to beginning dividend investors. Precisely, this is the date when you are required to own the stock in order to receive the next dividend. The point to note is that this date is never the same as the actual dividend date itself. You will find many articles talking about settlement dates, Record dates, Distribution Dates etc.

For purposes of getting an entitlement for a dividend from a share of stock there is only one thing you need to know: You must be the shareholder of the stock Before the Ex-Div date. Why? Because the Ex-Div date is the first day the stock begins trading without the dividend. The stock on this date almost always opens weak by exactly the amount of the dividend as no-one who buys the stock that day can receive the dividend.

Woodward Inc (NASDAQ:WWD) maintains an annual dividend yield of 0.88% and a payout ratio of 15.14%. The stock over the last 52 weeks has been trading in a range of $25.39 – $46.00. Its market capitalization stands at $1.09 billion. WWD designs, manufactures, and services energy control and optimization solutions for the aerospace and energy markets worldwide.

The Timken Company (NYSE:TKR) develops, manufactures, markets, and sells anti-friction bearings and assemblies, alloy steels, and mechanical power transmission systems. The Timken Company has an annual dividend yield of 2.29% and keeps a payout ratio at 15.03%. The stock in the prior 52 weeks has been trading between $30.17 – $57.94. The company is valued at $3.91 billion.

Arbor Realty Trust, Inc (NYSE:ABR) currently holds a yearly dividend yield of 6.94%. The stock has traded between $3.19 – $6.67 in the past 52 weeks and has a market capitalization of $159.84 million. ABR operates as a real estate investment trust (REIT).

Main Street Capital Corporation (NYSE:MAIN) is a business development company specializing in equity, equity related, and debt investments in small and lower middle market companies. Main Street Capital Corporation has a dividend yield of 6.32%. The stock in the past 52 weeks has been floating in the range of $16.80 – $27.68. The company’s market capitalization stands at $869.32 million.

Manulife Financial Corporation (USA) (NYSE:MFC) has an annual dividend yield of 4.58%. The stock has traded between $9.82 and $14.37 in the last 12-months. Its market capitalization is now at $20.65 billion. MFC together with its subsidiaries, provides financial protection and wealth management products and services to individuals and group customers primarily in Asia, Canada, and the United States.

Employers Holdings, Inc (NYSE:EIG) through its subsidiaries, operates in the commercial property and casualty insurance industry in the United States. Employers Holdings, Inc’s annual dividend yield is positive at 1.33%. The stock in the previous 52 weeks has been hovering in range of $10.73 – $19.00. The company is worth $558.60 million.

Delek US Holdings, Inc (NYSE:DK) is currently valued at $1.42 billion. The company keeps its annual dividend yield positive at 0.66%. The stock in the previous 52 weeks has traded in a range of $9.41 – $26.40. DK, an integrated energy company, engages in refining, marketing, supplying, and retailing petroleum products.

Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed in this article are exclusively those of the authors who have no stake in any stocks mentioned, and hold no plan to acquire any stake within the next 5 days.



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