Apple Inc (AAPL); Lightning To 30-Pin Adapter NOT Included With Your iPhone 5

  on Sep 17,2012 Posted in Business News ,Technology
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The rumor that the iPhone 5 was coming with a much shorter 8 pin dock connector proved to be spot on. The 30-pin one in previous versions is now history and that translates into the need for a new cable which Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) revealed at its media event on September 12. At first Apple Inc (AAPL) announced that it would give away free dock connectors (also known as lightning adapters) with the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, Apple Inc has backed out on that statement and the iPhone 5 will not come with a free lightning adapter. Users will have to inevitably buy it for the not so modest price of $29.

While iPhone users are definitely ones opting to pay an extra buck (or maybe fifty) for a better phone, news like this doesn’t sit well. The new adapter does promise faster speeds since it is digital and there is the added convenience of never trying to plug it in the wrong way (since it is reversible), all this comes with a price, $29 to be exact. If you choose to buy an adapter that comes with a short cable attached you will be paying $39 for it to Apple Inc (AAPL).

Luckily, there is a cheap way out if you still want to buy an adapter in a limited budget. Knock –offs from iTronz and Nanotch have arrived and are being sold on Amazon right now. Some are so well priced that you can easily save $20 per piece. The adapter from iTronz is for a mere $9.99 while Nanotch’s offering it at $17.95.




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