AOL (AOL) First Step towards Redesigned IT Services; Micro Data Center Prototype

  on Jul 09,2012 Posted in Business News ,Finance
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This week, AOL Inc.’s (NYSE:AOL) launched its micro data center sample. The frame-sized enclosure would stay outdoors and is the initial move toward AOL’s intentions to redesign infrastructure through small, anonymous IT services which can be oversees tenuously.

This strategy keeps up AOL’s work en route for arranging a “lights out” data center previous year, AOL Services CTO Michael Manos stated, who revealed the newest plan for micro data center’s design in a blog post

As per reported by Manos, the high density enclosure can include lots of virtual machines, and was installed on Wednesday at an AOL plant in Dulles, VA.

One of the most critical factors in measuring the performance of a company is its Return on Assets ratio, which is an indicator of how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. AOL, Inc. (NYSE:AOL) recently had ROA ratio of 1.03% while its market capitalization of 2.66 billion.

Previous month, AOL Inc stock price volatility was 2.65%. In its share capital AOL has 93.51 million outstanding shares among them 91.82 million shares have been floated in market exchange. AOL stock institutional ownership remained 98.40% while insider ownership included 0.54%.

The stock is ahead its 52week low with +182.31% and lagging behind from its 52 week high price with -1.97%.

AOL stock traded with a starting price of $28.48 and throughout the trading session climbed at a high of $28.56 and later when day-trade ended the stock finally fell -0.91% to $28.40 with a relative volume of 727,016.00 shares.

Its competitor Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) shares opened the session at $592.45 edged lower -1.67% to settle at $585.98 with a relative trading volume of 2.16 million shares and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) shares opened the session at $15.80 edged down -0.44% to settle at $15.78 with a relative trading volume of 12.15 million shares.



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